“Meet US” meets Chemnitz

Karte der USA als Comic

Did you know that it’s unusual for Americans to stare at each other?

Or that it’s common to smalltalk about your personal life with cashiers at your local grocery shop?

Nope? Don’t worry about that, our English course also didn’t know about those facts before the lesson on March 18th 2024. Nevertheless, now we do.
Miss Abid is an American journalist and representative of the program “Meet US” who is currently living in Germany to work in elementary school in Leipzig. She was willing to give us a little insight of the American lifestyle and history by joining our course to take over the lesson, which fitted perfectly since our topic was the ‘American experience’. Being a German school with rarely any native English speakers , Miss Abid took the chance to take us into the depths of America’s notion by making us familiar with American history, holiday and much more.

But not only was she able to catch our attention by her chill and casual way of talking, but also by giving us the chance to ask any question coming across our minds without hesitation. Even rather polarising topics like politics or discrimination in the US weren’t sensitive enough to stop her from responding.
By the end of the lesson, everyone got a head full of new information and a memory to a super special lesson. Miss Abid definitely confirmed all the things we used to learn in class, but with a touch of realness and personal experience.

So now, we’re not only aware of the political system in the US or America’s social difficulties, but also of behaviours and habits that we might come across if we were to visit the United States of America.

Von Lilly Küppers